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Data recovery software for Mac.

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Tool Type: Demo

Tool Cost In: 179.97 US$

Tool Target Platform: OS X

Tool OS Support: Mac OS X

Limitations: Save Disabled

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Short Description:
Remo Recover Mac pro is designed with a robust set of algorithms that can find and recover data from Mac hard drive addressing from simple to complicated data loss scenarios like unbootable Mac hard drive, crashed hard drive, formatted volumes.

Long Description 1:
This comprehensive Mac data recovery software supports over 300+ popular file types like documents, images, audio and videos. Built with a user friendly interactive interface and super easy functionality, using this software is walk in the park even for a novice Mac user. This explains why the software has gained its popularity of being effective and simple.

Long Description 2:
With more than a million downloads till date, Remo Recover Pro has been reviewed, tested and praised for its mac data recovery prowess. The Mac data recovery tool can retrieve data from all Mac devices like iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro and others. The do it yourself UI of the software simplifies the following data recovery processes on Mac: 1)Recover data from unbootable Mac hard drive 2) Recover partition on Mac 3) Restore deleted files from Mac 4) Recover data from Mac hard drive. 5) Crashed SSD or hard drive recovery Mac data recovery software is crafted with a scan engine which can implement two types of scans: standard scan and advanced scan to ensure an effective Mac file recovery experience. Add new file signatures to the existing list of 300+ file types to customize and refine the data recovery procedure so that you wont miss out the file you desire. With the added file signatures, the software will rigorously scan the hard drive sector by sector to get back deleted or lost data. The time taken to scan the hard drive depends on the intensity of data loss. Hence to rule out the need to rescan Mac hard drive, you can save recovery session which allows you to save the scanned information. After completion of scanning process, the software allows you to preview the data available for recovery. This way you can choose the data that is required to be recovered and save them on to desired location or other storage media.