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Make Your Photos Look Vivid In A Single Click

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Tool Version: 2.1

Tool Type: Shareware

Tool Cost In: 4.99 US$

Tool Target Platform: OS X

Tool OS Support: Mac OS X

Limitations: Photo tweaking is only available in the paid version.

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Short Description:
Tweak Photos is a batch image editing app for Mac. You can edit thousands of photos in just a few seconds. It is an efficient tool which helps you to customise photos by adding effects, filters etc.It converts photo formats like JPEG, TIFF, GIF etc.

Long Description 1:
Tweak Photos by Systweak is a batch photo editing apps for Mac which can convert photo formats, rename the whole batch of photos in a single go. Also, it helps you in editing and customizing your entire batch of photos by adding filters, and effects. It has the ability to auto-correct the orientation of images based on the EXIF information. It comes with RGB adjust controller to manage the color contrast of batch photos

Long Description 2:
Tweak Photos makes your photos look more beautiful. A little change in the filter here and a little change in the background there and you can make a beautiful picture a perfect one. In just three simple steps, Click, Collect & Convert, you can get brightened photos. Features of Tweak Photos: The tool can convert to and from the popular image formats such as TIFF, JPEG, GIF, JP2, JPG and BMP. This photo editor for Mac can rename your photos in a batch. It also lets you resize, and rotate/flip for landscape or portrait, auto-correct orientation for the entire batch of photos. It allows you to enhance and customize sharpness, contrast, brightness and more. The tool offers different effects such as Black & White, Light effects, Sepia, Grunge effects, and more. The tool provides you with the feature to denoise an entire batch of photos. Also, it has RGB controller to keep the color contrast of multiple photos in check. The photo editing tool for Mac comes with a watermark and logo, add them to the entire batch of photos at once. The tool adds the original or edited Date/Time as per EXIF information in a format of your choice. It also enables you to add text to an entire batch of photos and can also use personalize the font style. The tool also offers more than 20 + beautiful frames such as Film Strip, Classic, Royal, Fancy, Vintage, and many more. It offers to manage, edit & delete your batch step layers and maintain their sequence easily. It quickly previews any errors & warnings for example duplicate file names, file missing etc. The tool allows you to pick up where you left off by saving the changes in your last session of editing. It lets you save your batch effects to apply them to next edit session in just a single click. To know more about the product visit: