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Dear Tool Download visitors

We aim to facilitate the process of finding a suitable software tool without any concerns. So, on the website, you can easily find out every characteristic of a software tool and other related descriptions. It is essential to stat that Agrimetsoft design this website and only presents the available specifications and attributes of a searched tool by a user and therefore Agrimetsoft has not any responsibilities about the submitted descriptions and information which are developed by the tool's developers and publishers.

By searching in the blank box with the 'Other Tools' header, you can write the name of each software tool that you want to find the related descriptions about it. For better clarification, you can read the following statements of the options and descriptions which present on every page.

The related information of a software tool is including:

  • Tool Name which shows the name of the software tool.
  • Tool Version refers to the selected version by the user.
  • Tool Type, in this option the user can find out that this tool is commercial or free.
  • Tool Cost In that you can inform about the correct price. This is an important tip for the users in a commercial format.
  • Tool Target Platform, in this option you can understand that what is the operating system supported by the selected tool.
  • Tool OS Support, in this description you can see the kind and the version of the operating system.
  • Limitation, in this option the user can inform about the probable limitations of the selected tool.
  • Tool Info URL, you can find the original URL of the selected tool.
  • In Videos description, you can view the available videos which present the tool and different icons about it.
  • Download options, the user can find every available link for downloading the selected tool.
  • Short Description and Long descriptions, the user can inform about the specifications and every related tip about the chosen tools.